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16 March – 29 April 2023

Exhibition: ‘POP’

We are proud to announce Alice Palmer as our guest featured artist, and are dedicating a majority of the gallery to showcase 2 never-before-exhibited series of artworks.

In ‘Photo Knit Montage’, Palmer’s stunning surrealism artworks combine digital photography with collage, via the medium of knitted tapestry, using luxurious silk threads in hot pink, silvery grey, gunmetal, black and white.   In these works, Palmer explores female dualities and concepts such as; celebration coupled with ridicule of the female body; strength turned to fragility; the natural body being manipulated, and liberation being controlled and manipulated by the media.

Inspired by David Bowie’s music and Lichtenstein’s art, Life On Mars is a collection of original artworks that use digital technologies and knitting with silk and lurex yarns in a bold colour palette of royal blue, teal and red interspersed with highlights of gold and white.

Revisit the popular surreal prints from Nagual Creations, and from our founding partners Emma J Crosby & Simon Mitchell: pop-art inspired photography and digitally created art using repetition as a recurring theme in the bold colours of yellow, vivid red & royal blue from the primary colour palette.



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As a pillion passenger on a Goldwing in road trips of 2014 & 2018, through the deserts & mountains of California, Arizona and Nevada, Emma catalogued everything from the vast open vistas and iconic landmarks one would expect to find on this journey to the somewhat bizarre & ironic.

In this trip, expect things you recognize from cult movies; immaculately preserved muscle cars; beautiful mid century modern design & the gritty day to day in the wilds of America.

‘Road Trip’ goes beyond the sandy mountainous route, and throws in some tantalizing gems in unexpected places.

Limited edition prints are available through our online shop



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To 17 December 2022

Featured guest artist Mikolaj Karczewski’s experimental vision coupled with his love of cars and eye for detail make for incredible paintings.

In his new ‘Flooded Landscape’ series, Mikolaj points out that to many observers, this is a catastrophic view.  Yet at the same time, it can be taken as a commentary on global warming and climate change.  Negated by many, these scenes might at some point turn this setting into a usual occurrence.  Detaching the car from the ground by introducing a layer of water in between generates an unusual setting – with the story of distorted reflections captured by the body of water.  On lighter, observational paintings, Mikolaj beautifully captures the matte texture of wet concrete and sparkling raindrops we can often overlook on a rainy day.




Closed 3rd September 2022.

Nagual Creations returns with a set of original oil paintings, in his unique style that are inspired by his musical journey.  Together with Imogen Belfield’s rockesque pieces, featured in music videos, and worn by pop and rock stars alike, we aim to include all music-lovers in some shape or form.

‘Days of Punk’ is a photographic exhibition from the award-winning, internationally renowned director and photographer, Michael Grecco.  The 29 featured images over 2 floors are selections from Grecco’s new book, ‘Punk, Post Punk, New Wave’.  This best-seller contains 162 black & white and colour shots of artists including Johnny Rotten, Madness, Talking Heads, The Specials, The Clash and the Ramones, among many others.





Closed 03 September

We are honoured to present ‘Days of Punk’ – an exhibition from the award-winning, internationally renowned director and photographer, Michael Grecco

The 29 featured images are selections from Grecco’s best-selling new book, ‘Punk, Post Punk, New Wave’, containing 162 black & white and colour shots of artists including Johnny Rotten, Madness, Talking Heads, The Specials, The Clash and the Ramones, among many others. 

Michael made the trip from the US of A to join us in-person at Blindwell on the afternoon of Saturday 16th July to sign copies of  ‘Punk, Post Punk, New Wave’, followed by an evening ‘Audience with Michael Grecco’, with a champagne reception & gluten-free canapes prepared on-site by Coastal Cooks.

After the event: if you’d like to enquire about availability of (very) limited edition prints, hit the ‘enquire’ button below and we’ll get back to you.




From rivers to seas to aquatic life, and a little rain thrown in for good measure, water inspires creativity, and it’s reach is broad.  From illustration to painting, photography to sculpture, crafting to home decor, and so much more.  It lends itself to activities that promote our well-being, whether through high-octane active sport or relaxing river-side with a rod in hand.

On the ground floor, work from Danni Bradford includes her largest piece to-date: ‘Silver Darlings’, a 3-dimensional shoal of sardines, hand painted and gilded in silver leaf on 6 layers of toughened glass.  We are also thrilled to be the first to exhibit Danni’s ink & paper studies, highlighted with 24 kt gold leaf.

In our ‘portal’, the Soothing Souls figures from Rach Wellbeing represent loved ones looking over you.  Be they family, friends or pets, these figures are inspired by Rach’s love of meditation and of water with the calmness & energy it brings.

The mezzanine level showcases a selection of water-inspired photographs that follow our founder Emma’s journeys both from home and away.

To find out more about each of the artists, there are more details on the ARTISTS page

Or, get in touch via the button below.


Sybarite Collaboration

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The concept of our suspended installation ‘The Invisible String’ by Taylor Zhou was inspired by the children’s book of the same name that Taylor reads with his daughters at bedtime to explain what love is.

The essence of the story is that we are all connected to our loved ones by an invisible string, no matter where we are.  Being connected by the invisible string means no one is ever truly alone, which is an especially important message during the pandemic, where people are feeling increasingly isolated.

Taylor is an associate architect at Sybarite in London, where he has worked for just under a year.  Originally from China, he has been living in the UK for the past 23 years.


Love Exhibition

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As we emerge from the troubles and strife of 2021 and begin this new year, let’s open it with LOVE.  Love is like an invisible string that connects us emotionally, be it to friends, family, lovers or even to our ‘self’.  

Love means many things to many people.  It’s not just desire, not just a symbol.  It can be maternal, paternal, brotherly or sisterly.  It can be a way of life, about the way we live, about things that we cherish and that bring us joy, or the things that make us reflect on who we are.  

In our second exhibition we visually explore the concept of LOVE, through the obvious, and perhaps less-so.  Friendship, family, self-discovery and sensuality are key to the photographs chosen from our Open Call, and the art work by Nagual Creations takes symbolism to dizzyingly detailed heights.  

A selection of images from the exhibition are available to order.  If you would like to receive a PDF of available artists, please get in touch by clicking ‘ENQUIRE’  


Gentle Yoga

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Till 6th July

Join us on Tuesday mornings for this gentle programme with Pip Fresch.  Pip’s therapeutic practice will guide you through the basic movements of Hatha yoga, breathing and meditation to help you build a successful yoga practice, improving health and well-being for all ages and abilities.

Suited to those who are new to yoga, or prefer a gentle practice, you will build strength, develop your flexibility and relieve anxiety.

About Pip

For Pip, well-being is a way of life, and she has practiced yoga for over 25 years.  She founded her business, Western Wellbeing, about 5 years ago to help others improve their well-being in a holistic and tangible way.  Pip holds a Level 3 QCF Diploma in teaching yoga (200 hrs) and also qualified through  the “Yoga like Water” school.  As a teacher of Therapeutic Somatic Yoga for healing and recovery, she often brings fascial release techniques into her yoga classes.  Pip is a fully accredited member of the Independent Yoga Network.


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