Nagual Creations

“Phillip Long has been creating paintings, sculptures and stage design under the name Nagual Creations for the past 25 years, having gained a worldwide reputation for ground-breaking work using UV reactive acrylic as a medium.”

In 1992, Phillip began to create large scale artworks to transform the unconventional spaces occupied by London’s vibrant underground dance culture, and very quickly his work gained a reputation globally for it’s rich, multidimensional content, and qualities which brought a memorable impact to music and multimedia events. The surreal work sat equally comfortably on the mountains of Japan and Savannahs of South Africa as it did in iconic clubs in New York or London. There is still an element of this in his work, but tuned for the living space rather than the dance floor.

Now his work is available to private collectors, where it has evolved in a new direction through large oil paintings where the surreal concepts are executed in a rich and arresting manner which begs the viewer to invest their time.

Phillip’s work has featured in publications such as The Sunday Times, the Face, I-D and Quick Japan as well as gaining exposure on Channel 4 and ITN news and numerous documentaries and publications on club art.

Nagual Creations has also been commissioned by corporate enterprises and Phillip is often called upon for his innovative concepts and designs to gain publicity and raise profile for physical events and campaigns. With clients such as: Microsoft, Warner Bros, Dulwich Picture Gallery, and MEO (Portugal’s largest media and communications provider).