Past Exhibitions


16 March – 29 April 2023

Exhibition: ‘POP’

We are proud to announce Alice Palmer as our guest featured artist, and are dedicating a majority of the gallery to showcase 2 never-before-exhibited series of artworks.

In ‘Photo Knit Montage’, Palmer’s stunning surrealism artworks combine digital photography with collage, via the medium of knitted tapestry, using luxurious silk threads in hot pink, silvery grey, gunmetal, black and white.   In these works, Palmer explores female dualities and concepts such as; celebration coupled with ridicule of the female body; strength turned to fragility; the natural body being manipulated, and liberation being controlled and manipulated by the media.

Inspired by David Bowie’s music and Lichtenstein’s art, Life On Mars is a collection of original artworks that use digital technologies and knitting with silk and lurex yarns in a bold colour palette of royal blue, teal and red interspersed with highlights of gold and white.

Revisit the popular surreal prints from Nagual Creations, and from our founding partners Emma J Crosby & Simon Mitchell: pop-art inspired photography and digitally created art using repetition as a recurring theme in the bold colours of yellow, vivid red & royal blue from the primary colour palette.



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