Simon Mitchell

I have been fascinated with pure geometry, form, light & shade since childhood

Born in Exeter, Simon is an architect living and working between his home in North Devon and his London practice.

Circles are ever present in his work as an architect, graphic designer, sculptor, or artist. He believes that there should be no boundaries between the creative disciplines and that duality exists in everything and everyone.  His boundless (yet balanced) approach is also as much about stripping back the subject to its simplest materiality and form.

Corten Steel (weathering steel) and Stainless Steel are two of the strongest alloys the world has to offer and yet are so visibly different in their appearance. The corrosion-retarding effect of Corten defies its aged visual appearance and actually improves its residual strength. Yet stainless steel is impervious to the iron rusting and has incredible heat-resistant properties.  This contrast of materiality is critical to Simon’s work and thinking. Grounded yet transcendent.

Simon began his expression of this duality with large garden sculptures at home and for direct commission. The Blindwell gallery opening has challenged the artist to create a series of wall hangings that continue his philosophy into a different medium of wall hangings.