New to North Devon, Blindwell is a gallery and event space dedicated to photography and art in the broadest sense:

Where creativity, lifestyle and well-being are connected through a series of curated exhibitions & events within given themes. With facilities to accommodate product launches and evening soirees, as well as beautiful lighting for photo shoots, we’re open to collaborate, and for hire. 

Designed by our co-founders, Emma & Simon: our space has been custom-built and designed to provide a well-lit clean, minimal and flexible space to showcase artists to their best advantage. 


Coming Up

Exhibition: ‘POP’, scheduled to open Saturday 25 February through to Saturday 29 April 2023.

POP will be the launch pad for the avant-garde mystery duo behind ARTS BANGER – who have coupled their own pop-art illustrations with their newly developed app, allowing the illustrations to come to life through the viewers’ smartphone cameras.

The gallery will be interspersed with pop-art inspired photography and digitally created art from our founding partners.

Get ready for a poptastic explosion of colour!

The space

Our gallery is a well-proportioned modern minimalist space giving the ideal platform to showcase our artists & their work to full advantage. The ground floor lends itself to larger works of art, owing to the open height double space together with the mezzanine viewing platform.


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Private events

Our space is available to hire.  As a modern minimalist space, we can offer an ideal blank canvas for a broad variety of events, or an extraordinary setting within a themed exhibition. 

To enquire about availability, please get in touch.


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