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As a pillion passenger on a Goldwing in road trips of 2014 & 2018, through the deserts & mountains of California, Arizona and Nevada, Emma catalogued everything from the vast open vistas and iconic landmarks one would expect to find on this journey to the somewhat bizarre & ironic.

In this trip, the stuff of the silver screen is actually there in front of you.  It’s real – the things you recognize from cult movies; immaculately preserved muscle cars; beautiful mid century modern design & the gritty day to day in the wilds of America.

‘Road Trip’ goes beyond the sandy mountainous route, and throws in some tantalizing gems in unexpected places.



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Mikolaj Karczewski’s experimental vision coupled with his love of cars and eye for detail make for incredible paintings.

In his new ‘Flooded Landscape’ series which includes the Giallo Modena (Yellow) Ferrari FF, Mikolaj points out that to many observers, this is a catastrophic view.  Yet at the same time, it can be taken as a commentary on global warming and climate change.  Negated by many, this scene might at some point turn this setting into a usual occurrence.  Detaching the car from the ground by introducing a layer of water in between generates an unusual setting – with the story of distorted reflections captured by the body of water.

In the experimental ‘Pool’ series, the regular, geometric, sharp lines of pool tiles are counter-balanced by the smoothness of water surface and the car body, all complemented by the layers of light rays embracing Taycan’s aerodynamic shape.

On lighter, observational paintings, Mikolaj beautifully captures the matte texture of wet concrete and sparkling raindrops we can often overlook on a rainy day.