Past Exhibitions

Photowalk Global collaboration

Till 18th December

In our collaboration with PHOTOWALK GLOBAL, photographers from around the world submitted their take on circles through Instagram & Facebook for the 2 weeks from 3rd to 17th July.  From over 1,800 submissions, 36 finalists were selected for our debut exhibition.

The selected photos cover tradition, culture, documentary, creative, architecture, street, nature and more, from around the world.  All with a common thread – the circle.

Formed in 2019 by a group of 6 enthusiasts, Photowalk Global offers an online platform that welcomes & promotes photographers from all genres through regular contests and challenges.  To date, they are a 9,000+ strong community across Instagram and Facebook and are open to anyone involved in photography whether professional, amateur or hobbyist.

As worldwide community, they celebrate diversity and encourage photographers to explore new areas, be creative & share their thoughts.

Find Photowalk Global on Instagram: @photowalkglobal & Facebook: Photowalk Global




16th September – 18th December

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12pm – 5pm
Thursday: 12pm – 5pm
Friday: 12pm – 5pm
Saturday: 12pm – 5pm
Sunday: By appointment


9 Atlantic Court
Chivenor Cross
Barnstaple EX31 4FP


Agnieszka Wieczorek

Agnieszka is a passionate amateur photographer whose photography has been published & featured online across NatGeo, Nikon Europe, 500px & Lens Culture, and recognised in the Urban categories of International 35AWARDS.  In her free time, she loves to travel to discover the world and photograph what’s new and inspiring, across nature and street, culture and reportage.

Alan Rees

An architect and photographer from the North East, Alan has particular enthusiasm for architecture, landscape & street photography (when feeling the need for a challenge).  He is at his happiest with camera in hand, seeking out the colours, patterns and textures which bring to life everyday scenes.  


An Award Winning and published photographer, Anna settled in Hamburg after stints in Australia and Greece.  She is an observer and a wanderer, who likes to explore the city and village streets with their narrow lanes, and unknown paths, mostly without anything specific in mind but looking to find something interesting in an ordinary place.


Ariane is a hobbyist photographer who always carries a camera and loves to take pictures, especially of nature.  Her photographic highlights have included having work published through National Geographic’s ‘Daily Dozen’, a feature in local news, and achieving a Top 50 slot in Agora Global Talent Awards.


Ashu is a keen photographer & published poet based in Prayagraj.  His work has been featured on several prominent Instagram groups including Take Magazine, Colours of India and SPI -Street Photography India.  While he enjoys all types of photography, his favourite genre is Minimalist.


Photography is Azim Khan Ronnie’s passion.  As a photographer, he enjoys the experience that photography offers and finds awe and beauty in our Earth.  His aim is to capture these moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time. Azim Khan Ronnie has won more than 400 international photography awards, with work published in over 200 international newspapers and magazines including the BBC, CNN, Smithsonian & National Geographic.


A retired graphic designer, Brenda is a creative soul who loves being a hobbyist photographer and also enjoys painting in acrylics and watercolours.  The highlight of her photographic journey was being published in National Geographic in 2017, also with a food photo.


Carol is a self-taught photographer with an eye for the unusual.  Drawn to abstract and linear details, she has a love of structure, symmetry and design, photographing by instinct and insight.  Carol’s work has been featured in 2 National Geographic photo books, and published in several NatGeo ‘Your Shot’ Stories.


After 20 years of Dubai living, Chandrani returned to her roots in India.  A keen wildlife photographer, her first encounter was in 2010 exploring the African Savannah with a Sony Handycam and a 5 Megapixel Panasonic Camera.  Today Chandrani is happiest racing around in the wild with her Nikon DSLR, from sunrise to dusk, searching for the perfect shot.


Chenni is a freelance photographer based in Western Sydney who believes in creating everlasting moments of beauty and memories through photography.  His varied interests in photography include landscapes, wildlife, flora, astro, food, people and abstract photography.


Debarshi’s real-life style of photography has received multiple awards, global acknowledgments and distinctions from photographic bodies and publicists alike.  From cultural traditions to simple portraits, street moments and festivals, Debarshi is an observer who occasionally likes to play with geometric shapes and architecture.  He is a juror for several International Photo Competitions & a life member of the “Federation of Indian Photography”.


Dipabrata is a doctor by profession, and a travel photographer who aims to capture the essence of the places he visits.  His work has won many photographic competitions, and has appeared across National Geographic mediums including their photo stories & Daily Dozen as well as National Geographic Traveller (India).  


Di has a passion for all types of nature photography developed after an early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  This passion has led to features on many sites including Canon Australia, as well as a number of images published in the Australian Photography Magazine and first place in several competitions.  Di finds photography extremely rewarding and firmly believes that the positives gained from her passion help her to stay well.


Fabio is an anesthesiologist and passionate self-taught photographer, with a leaning towards the details of nature.  That said, his work also encompasses urban photography, landscape photography, portraits and abstract photography.  Fabio’s work has been exhibited internationally in multiple galleries via The Print Swap (part of Feature Shoot).


Construction Project Manager by profession, photographer by passion, Gaanesh is one of the founding members of Photowalk Global.  Gaanesh has won several highly acclaimed global competitions, including National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 & Mono Awards 2019.  His work has been published in various magazines and featured on Apple Billboards across 26 countries.


Gautam is a self-taught amateur photographer who likes to take his pictures when travelling with his family.  He first started his photographic journey with a Nikon N6006 film camera, and has remained faithful to the Nikon brand, now using the D850.  Gautam’s photographic style tends to be spontaneous and focused on a moment.


A Seascape and Astro photographer with a love of wild places, Jen’s love of photography began with the gift of a Praktica film camera 30 years ago.  Her work has been shortlisted in several high-profile competitions including Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Landscape Photographer of the Year & Wanderlust Travel and been published in Outdoor Photography, Devon Life and the Exmoor National Park Visitor Guide.


Liane is a keen kayaker, who takes her camera with her on her early morning paddles when the water is still at Sea Dog Cove where she lives.  This is her favourite place to photograph, and where she finds a constant source of inspiration in the serene and peaceful surroundings.  Liane’s photography has been featured in several group shows, and her work can be found in collections across Australia and Canada. 


A father to three boys, Martin has a strong passion for taking good pictures.  He has worked alongside music artists producing pictures for album covers and also documented education projects of the Berliner Philharmoniker.  A recent photography highlight was his Architecture nominee in FAPA Awards.   


A chance photo of two pelicans on a pier in 2014 with a cellphone turned out far more impressive than expected and opened up Mike to the possibility of taking photography more seriously.  His focus is generally on nature and bird photography, but extends to what captures his attention in a moment.  Mike’s photos have been displayed at a local lifeguard training office, and some work received positive editorial recognition on the National Geographic YourShot photo sharing website.


Mudg is an amateur photographer with a lifelong interest in the arts.  She has an MFA in printmaking from the Pratt Institute, and her photographic work has been published by National Geographic YourShot and featured many times on popular photographic Social Media Platforms such as Photowalk Global and OurFotoWorld.


An Indian currently residing in Thailand, Namrata is passionate about photography as it allows her to capture beautiful memories and moments which may otherwise be forgotten.  Aside from photography, she’s a big foodie, and enjoys reading & listening to music.  Her work has been featured on prominent Instagram platforms such as Creative Image Magazine, Style Icons International & Camarena_Academy and has been published in Shri Raghu Rai’s magazine.


Nancy has embraced creativity and art for as long as she can remember.  After retiring from her own Interior Design firm she made a commitment to explore and photograph the far ends of the earth and treasures the unique places she has visited.  Her work has been featured in magazines and online publications including National Geographic, YourShot and GuruShots, and has been exhibited both in group shows and solo shows in galleries across the USA, Europe & Australia. 


Nikhil describes himself as a half-marathoner, a randonneur (Cycling) and a metalhead.  As a photographer, he finds beauty in odd patterns, perspectives and absorbing abstracts.  His most prominent photographic highlight was reaching the top 10 in the India Wikipedia’s “Wiki Loves Earth” global contest.  Nikhil’s work has also been featured on (South Asia’s largest stock photo company), and on many prominent Instagram platforms.


By trade, Protip is a Software Engineer based in Kolkata, but his passion is Street Photography for its intrinsic story telling characteristic.  Thus, his aim is to take the pictures to convey stories and the reality of life.


Rachael is originally from the British Isles, before moving to New Brunswick.  She started out as an artist focussing on pencil work and has loved the creative process for many years.  As a photographer, Rachael’s work has been published in National Geographic, BBC News, CBC News, L’Acualite Magazine and used for The Canadian Mountain Resorts Marketing Campaign.  


Rose is an amateur photographer who documents small glimpses of her life one moment at a time – whether it be family, nature, abstract or macro.  She especially enjoys photographing her niece and her poodle, Cooper.  Rose’s work has been featured across prominent Instagram platforms such as WOW America and multiple RAW Community channels, of which she is a VIP member.


SaiKiran is a Travel and Nature Photographer with a main focus on Nature and Wildlife Conservation.  His work has been featured on Canon India, Wildlife India Magazine and been exhibited in BBA Art Gallery Berlin.


A Software developer with a love for photography and travel, Sam started his photography journey with the early film cameras before switching to a Nikon DSLR, and finding his creativity unlocked with the dawn of the digital era.  When not working, you’ll find Sam on long drives discovering places.


Sarah is a native Thai but Dutch citizen who has travelled more than 70 countries as a travel photographer.  Among her most notable awards are a Merit Medal for National Geographic Travel, a First Prize Amateur IPOTY International People Photographer of the Year and a 5th for her portfolio in the HIPA International Awards.



A graphic designer by profession, Saurabh is a self-taught photographer with a particular affinity for street and travel photography.  Every frame can tell a story but creating a story within a frame, is what makes the frame more beautiful.  He continues his travels to capture and document the different cultures, rituals, heritage, and traditions of India that fascinate him.  Saurabh has won more than 400 International and national photography awards, with work published in multiple international and national newspapers and magazines. He has been honoured with EFIP, EFIAP, C*MoL, AAPG, MAPS, ACPE, ASSP, GEAPU, BWPAI, ASSP, BEAPF and 6+ Honorary Fellowships.


As an amateur artist, Sramaga’s photographic expressions are generally simple and minimalistic, where ordinary everyday subjects are given new perspectives through different creative processes.


Stelios’ interest in drawing took him to London to study commercial art but he found himself drawn to photography.  He returned to Cyprus after he qualified and worked part-time as a photo reporter from 1992 -1994 at SELIDES – one of the most notable magazines in Cyprus.  He is now a Freelance Photographer, mainly into art photography and exhibitions.


Tara Lowry is a roaming freelance writer and photographer specializing in travel, street, and nature photography. She has a penchant for most things charming or whimsical, and thrives on wonderfully eccentric and quirky scenes.


Born and raised in Bulgaria, Toni is a passionate amateur photographer, whose interest in the conceptual photograph was piqued when she joined Your Shot, National Geographic’s global photo community, which challenged her to create scenes that would bring ideas into life.  She had 24 published images on the Nat Geo Your Shot website before it closed in late 2019.  Toni’s work has since been featured on, Lens Culture & NYC4PA.


Veronika comes from a family of painters, sculptors and composers.  While she loves to paint, she prefers to use her camera as her brush and canvas.  A self-taught photographer, she works only with natural light and no photoshop, with particular attention to details, elements & patterns aiming to evoke emotions and encourage respect for our planet and each-other.  Veronika has a string of successes ranging from prestigious world photo-competitions to being featured and published worldwide in books and magazines, including 12 National Geographic books and multiple NatGeo magazines as well as prominent photo-platforms and exhibitions.