Rach Wellbeing

Rach’s work is primarily in ceramics and mixed media, highly creative, figurative and sculptural.  The ceramics are primary raw clay pieces often Parian unglazed, or finished with colour, but only if colour is of significance.

Showing how even the most invisible disability, or perfect of us can be exposed when under scrutiny – in all our fragility, strengths, flaws and human failings – her pieces often reflect on her experiences as a former circus performer and climbing teacher.

The Soothing Souls are handmade figures, inspired by many years of Rach’s love of meditation, and by water with the energy and emotional calmness it brings.  Representing loved ones looking over you, whether family members, friends or pets, the Soothing Souls series was created with the desire to offer people a figure like a ‘guardian’.

To own one promotes calmness, bringing consciousness into the present.

Part of Rach’s ambition is to encourage the audience to find their own connection and narrative in her highly creative sculptures.