Mikolaj Karczewski

“This is my way of celebrating automotive shapes and beauty of their reflections, using the latter ones as a tool for storytelling – becoming the main focus and trademark of my artworks”.

A London-based Artist & Architect, Mikolaj was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, moving to London in 2012 to study Architecture at the Architectural Association of Architecture.  He completed the full AA School Course, and graduated with a commendation in June 2019.

Mikolaj combines his passion for cars, architecture, drawing & design through his automotive works, created in parallel with his everyday profession in the architectural field.  The automotive part has been an inevitable part of his life from the youngest of years – where depicting objects (mostly cars), has become his biggest passion.

Having explored promarkers and paints as the main media in previous years, Mikolaj’s works currently revolve around Acrylic paintings on canvas, and are held with collectors around the world, from the UK to USA, Kuwait, Oman, Israel, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Poland.