“We want to thrill audiences with spellbinding, continuously changing works of art, and show a secret truth behind an ordinary static world”.

Artsbanger aims to force the art world to level up.

Directed by a pair of mystery avant-garde artists whose motto is “aliquid possibile est” (meaning everything is possible), it is potentially the most banging augmented reality product out there!

This technology is a gamechanger for those wanting to impress – worlds within worlds are revealed by viewing an image or artefact with a phone camera. The results are exhilarating; time and space appears to bend before your eyes. Hypnotic and addictive, Artsbanger is the new Arts movement which could very well go down in history.

The app has been designed to empower creatives and businesses with the tools they need to express themselves, and engage clientele with an innovative and ground-breaking multidisciplinary practice. Those who join this creative revolution will take pride in the knowledge that they were at the forefront of the transformation of visual communication.

Artsbanger is technologically advanced Arts alchemy at its finest.